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Friday May 7th 2021 = forecast 70% rain


Pauline van Blokland - 'Tried acrylic for a change from water colour. 12 x12.


Irene Khurana finished her painting from last week.
It's on unprimed canvas, at first all the paint just sank into the cloth which made a nice loose effect, then a lot of dry paint, oil. Thanks Ron, Irene.


Charlotte Haggart. Dominium Brook Park.


Hi Ron, here is my plein air from Wed. This was from Lagoon Road in Colwood, Kathleen Schmalz..


Katharine Geddes. Capturing the Spring colours today, blue bells, soft pink rhodies, bright green new leaves and grass...


Clement Kwan - trees of Dominium Brook Park. Oil 12x9


Margaret Frith. Dominion Brook Park Lucked out on the weather. Lots of gorgeous trees. And... thanks!


Thanks for your continued great work in posting the Alfs paintings each week. All the best to you.
Here is: oil on panel, 10" x 8". Overall a nice day. Regards, David Good


Hi Ron, please let me know if this is the right size. I am trying another image program (GIMP) If not I will revert to my old potato shop. Thanks Bill


Louise Gibson.


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